On The Fence

1 Kings 18: 20-21

So Ahab summoned all the people of Israel and the prophets to Mount Carmel. Then Elijah stood in front of them and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him. But if Baal is God, then follow him!”But the people were completely silent.


These are the informed, the elect and the chosen people of God, who spoke nothing. Would you respond? When faced with the options and opinions of everyday life, do you respond? What do you respond with?

Truth or Lie / Life or Death / Love or Hate / Unity or separation / Kindness or Hostility

See, Elijah wasnt asking them which god they would choose? There is only ONE God. He was asking if they would publicly declare their faith in God, or if they would choose the idols of this world. Would they go from private belief to public display.

To spin it to todays time, Elijah would ask these things. When you comment on Facebook, are you leaving His words or the world’s opinion? When you talk to your friends are you spreading the truth or destroying a soul? When you look at people are you seeing their best or assuming their worst?

It is essential to understand the reason we are to live our faith out loud is not so the world will notice us, but so that it will know Him. We are to live out loud not to elicit a response from the world, but because we know we will get a response from Him. Live with the type of faith which is not as concerned with proving our God is greater, but that our God is the only God who exists.

Be like Elijah. Our faith might be able to handle the journey to the Kerith Ravine by ourselves. Our faith might be able to handle the journey to Zarapheth to help an unnamed and unknown widow and her son. Our faith might be able to handle taking the burdens of a broken-hearted widow into the upper and private room of our devotion. But can our faith go public?

Can we share the love of Jesus in all that we do? Let’s not be silent. As Psalms 96: 2-3 says:

Sing to the Lord; praise his name. Each day proclaim the good news that he saves. Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.