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Faith over fear

march 17, 2020
God will show up in your living room!

On Monday, March 17th, 2020 the Elders and I met once again to continue to evaluate the ongoing and constantly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and our strategy for ministering to our communities in the midst of this pandemic. I also contacted multiple medical professionals with exceptional credentials and experience. One of those experts was from a state that is hard hit with COVID-19.


Yesterday was also spent in ministry meetings with the staff devising potential strategies and creative opportunities for ongoing connection and interaction amid the necessity for social distancing.


Most importantly we sought the will of God for Crossland and how we should respond to the current circumstances.


Based on all the information and insight offered, we have made the decision to provide our worship experiences via streaming technology only. We will not have any public access to our facilities on Sunday during our worship services. This will be practiced at all 3 of our locations.


The great news is that we have been blessed to have been providing live online worship experiences for 10 years. The quality of the experience is exceptional due to the dedicated and highly skilled staff and volunteers that we have at Crossland.


We will be streaming at 9:30 am and 11:00 am on our home page as well as through Facebook Live. We are working on an interactive family worship experience that should be available by Sunday, March 29, 2020. Also, we are currently working on an interactive Fortify Youth experience for every Wednesday. Finally, I will be providing an online Bible study via Facebook Live that will be very much like our Large Group Studies. The day and launch date will be determined soon!


Above is what we intend to do, now here is what we need you to do:


  • Pray without ceasing. For the infected, the vulnerable, the medical professionals on the frontline, and our government officials.

  • Pay Attention! While social distancing is critical, it does not alleviate social responsibility. We must remember the Jericho Road. A Good Samaritan arises only in the midst of a bad situation. HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS!

  • Participate Fully! Our 10 years of multi-site church strategy have proven beyond all doubt the experience through streaming is powerful and life changing. The same God you encounter in our auditoriums will show up in your living room!

  • Promote Exhaustively! You should share everything we put on every social media platform. Use this opportunity to invite every contact you have to join us for everything we do. GET AGGRESSIVE! The harvest is plentiful, will the workers be few?

  • Provide generously. Much of what we do as a church will continue even with a shuttered building. We have ongoing obligations, but God is also creating unbelievable opportunities as well. Let us be found faithful. You can give digitally so easily - just visit https://www.crossland.tv/give - over 50% of our people already do!


This update will conclude how the last one ended: What everyone needs from us in this time is hope, compassion, and encouragement. God has chosen each of you to be his vessel to deliver those realities this weekend in your home!


May God Richly Bless Us All,




Elders: Andy Barker, Scott Barbee, Randy Pierce

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march 13, 2020
a community of refuge

In a continuing effort to keep our community and our church informed, we want to provide this update about our decisions in regards to our operations and ministries as we continue to navigate through a very fluid situation.


On Friday, March 13th, 2020, I convened three meetings with the Elders at 8:00 am, 11:30 am and again at 1:30 pm. During each session we discussed what we feel were every conceivable responses and action that can and or should be taken. Between each session each Elder sought God through prayer to determine what His will is for Crossland.


We also sought the counsel of medical professionals, ministerial colleagues and many online outlets with up to date information. 


Here is our decision:


  1. This weekend 3/15/20, we will have services at all three locations. In Bowling Green, we will postpone the 8:00 am service. 

  2. We will provide the same scope of ministries for all children. Exact programing may change, but the ages we offer ministry for will not.

  3. Effective immediately, we will postpone all weekly and non-essential gatherings. (No youth programming on Wednesday, LGS Gatherings on any campus or Princess Prom)

  4. We will limit all access to our facility to Sunday only. Staff will only report to perform the critical functions necessary during the week. Offices will not be open but calls will be handled.

  5. All non-church functions that use the building will be postponed.

  6. We will stream our 9:30 am and 11:00 am services live as usual - click here to watch.


It is our intent to revisit this decision each and every week. We will keep convening and praying about what God would have us do.


We want all those who consider attending to use an abundance of caution and wisdom. Each person and family must decide what they feel is the best approach at this time. 


We feel very strongly that providing a place of refuge and hope at this critical and crisis moment is what God is calling us to do. We stand strongly with churches who have felt the leading of God to make different decisions. I have been in contact with several of them multiple times as we have worked through this decision. 


In the coming days as more information is made available, we will evaluate our plans and adjust as necessary. 


We are going to do all we can to strike a balance between faithful responses and factual realities. We do not want to be arrogant in our faith but we also never want to be fearful of circumstances in our world. 


In other words, we know the church is the only place of eternal and every day hope! However, we have to make sure we are not unwittingly ground zero for an outbreak of Covid-19 that causes harm. We do not take this decision lightly but we do not take the gospel lightly either.


We know and trust deeply in the absolute Sovereignty of God. Our Father is not surprised, worried, powerless or distant! He knows, He cares, He can, and He will! Our responsibility is to seek His face, discern His will, seek godly counsel and to honor the wisdom of Paul who wrote:


Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 

(Ephesians 5:15–17)


This Sunday is an extraordinary opportunity to reveal the glory of our God. Let us approach it with reverence and enthusiasm. 


We need to be gentle towards those who do not attend. We need to express kindness to those who join us online. We cannot insinuate we have more courage or faith because we are in the room and they are at home. We are not trying to be courageous; we are trying to be obedient.


What everyone needs from us this weekend is hope, compassion, and encouragement. God has chosen each of you to be his vessel to deliver those realities this weekend whether in our rooms or in your home!


May God Richly Bless Us All,




Elders: Andy Barker, Scott Barbee, Randy Pierce

march 11, 2020
In a time of anxiety and fear we believe the only response is confident faith.

At Crossland, we are in touch with multiple churches and organizations as we determine our course of actions in response to the coronavirus.


In consultation with the Elders and Staff, our clear decision is to continue to worship as we have every Sunday and during our usual weekday activities.


We will be taking extra precautions to ensure we are doing all that can be reasonably done to provide a safe environment for all attendees:


  • We will be cleaning all surfaces and restrooms between services, as well as cleaning all toys and equipment in our Children’s areas.


  • Each lobby will have available hand sanitizer.


  • We will not pass offering plates, but we will provide multiple giving areas with receptacles throughout the worship area. Online giving and texting is always available; just visit https://www.crossland.tv/give


  • We will celebrate communion by using fully self contained elements for the celebration. 



If you have any questions, feel free to email gregg@crossland.tv, and we will respond as soon as we can. 


If you would like more information on the virus itself (COVID-19), we suggest that you visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


Fear is real but so is faith. At this time our communities need a place of refuge and hope, and we intend to be here for them in their time of need.


Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you will continue to pray with us as we serve as a community of refuge and hope for all people.

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