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A community of refuge and hope for those with special needs so they can experience and understand the love of Christ along side community.


We use Orange Curriculum in KIDS
to teach the Gospel in way that is understandable to your child.

We believe that the Church is to come alongside you as a parent/guardian to support the faith in your child's life! When you take the light of the
church (yellow) & combine it with
the love of a family (red),
you increase the potential to influence the life of a kid (orange).
We have 52 hours a year with your child, you have a lifetime.
So we are here to aid you in
raising up your child in faith.

Visit us

We offer a safe space for our friends with special needs at 9:30AM at our Bowling Green Campus only.

We have been waiting just for YOU! 

Arrive a few minutes early & head to our lobby; find the New Family Table & a volunteer will be ready to greet you
& walk with you throughout the entire
check-in & drop-off process.
We will ask for some personal information
(names, birthdates, address, phone #, etc.)

Helping you

Again, we have been waiting for you.
Our main goal, as a staff & as volunteers, is to make sure that you are cared for & loved while HERE at Crossland. 
If you have a need, reach out to a staff member, & they will be more than willing to help you.

want to visit spark?

This is a worship experience created specifically to help these friends understand God’s word and His love at their level. We provide a less stimulating environment than our KIDS and adult worship services. 

Email with any questions you may have before your visit.

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